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Panda Duncan's diary; transcripts of Raoul Gibenchy's notes

...So the boys got to go and explore the country looking for strange cults and secret passages and old forts, and I end up stuck here, with Raoul Gibenchy's notes! Thankfully, between Raoul and Lady Margaret, I'm in interesting if incomprehensible company. Thank heavens Lady M's Latin is a lot more sound than mine! It is taking me forever to get anything translated, and why Clare stayed behind I don't know. All she does is drink tea and stare vacantly into the distance, thinking of Charles or Wagner or something. I know she's trying to be helpful, but really, all she does is butter crumpets, and badly too. Mine is positively dripping. No-one could eat it in this state!

Now, about Raoul, whom I am rather inclined to like. So far, all we know is that he was a moor who came from Granada and converted to Christianity. Next it's all this black man of the covens stuff, children disapearing, an evil old man, a wizard and next, boom! Witchhunters come and blow musketballs straight through him, and here we are with rooms full of signs on the walls and floors, pendants, strange ritual knives and these notes...oh, and that horrid vampire jellyfish.

And between Latin, which I sort of know, and arabic, which I don't know at all,and then the bizarre way his writing gets erratic when he's upset, and the sheer age and damage of the paper, I'm having a rough time of it with these notes. Still, here's what we've managed so far.

They have unearthed that which was buried long past for our safety. And with their arrogance and their fury they brought it here...[recriminations about stupidity and such like]
I come here to thwart them [more ranting] I must try to understand from whence they came and what created them for they are the unholy childen of two fell masters [?I don't think the they who brought it here are the same as the they whose origins Raoul is trying to trace.] It [it has got to be the jellyfish vampire]should have been destroyed, not hidden. Such as this is not a weapon but a blasphemy that should not be allowed to exist.[nbI sorcerers and blackmenofcovens wouldn't care about blasphemies. Raoul is devout nbII his insistence that it is not a weapon implies that someone thought it was. But why bring it here?]
From the fall of Jerusalem, we the torchbearers have tried to follow the trail and illuminate the shadow and return[intern? Lady M not sure of this word and I can't make it out at all] to darkness that which would dim/darken/lessen all light.
They dug below the sacred place in the sanctified darkness(something missing?)what once was holy made so again by blessed Allah's presence [Hah! I just knew he never converted! sacred place/sanctified darkness = where in Jerusalem? Jesus' stable? No, silly Panda, that's Bethlehem...Temple of Solomon? Didn't that have an ark of the covenant or something. I recall there was a lot of stuff about cubits [Q; What's a cubit?]But Saladin took the temple didn't he, so it was definitely Allah's at some point. Or some crusaders took it back, or something. There were some knights connected to the temple weren't there?]

This is not my land and I/we/us [just can't make this word out at all] stand forth while they are men of power and confidence of kings [Hmm. Well, that does make me think of those knights templar fellows. They had the confidence of kings, awfully rich, until some king had them all killed. But this can't be right, because I'm sure that was long before Raoul's time and it certainly wasn't here. We don't kill bankers in England!] The old powers and darknesses of the land and the new corruption covered with a cloak of virtue [Cromwell's time and that of the witchfinders? Edwin told me those people had carte blanche to do what they would, and I can't think of another time virtue was that important in England. Puritans and what have you, very funny hats]
They fled here when their darkness became too much for even the false holy men of the city states [holy men and city states = popes and italy?] They founde(d?) another lure [very odd translation there, but it's the best I can do] to innocent men drawing in the pious with the trappings of wealth andthe call to righteousness.

That can't be right. How do you found a lure?
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