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Journel of Edwin De Coursey, artist (and junior Cthulu Investigator)

Journel of Edwin De Coursey, artist (and junior Cthulu Investigator)

Monday 17th April 1922

Again yet more nightmares. They seemed so real. I was being chased through the woods by something I could not see and this time it was catching me. Then a wise looking man, with curly hair, stepped out and stood beside me. He seemed to be holding off the darkness and protecting me. A shiver runs down my spine even down think about it. I try and capture the image as best I can on canvas.

[Insert picture] “darkness without”, again no colours just charcoal grey, the same women with long hair in a light shift, is crouching in a dark wood, behind her the trees are all twisted and dead. Beside her stands a man of middle eastern extraction. He holds his arms up. Both of them almost seem to be giving off light. Off to one side is a man sized amorphous area it seems to be shedding darkness. It is shot through with lines but has no other solid characteristics.

I could not get back to sleep so I had a wander round the house instead. Some of the art that has been collected here is really quite exquisite. I think about setting up and doing some work but keep of getting disturbed as there are just too many servants still moving around or are they just getting starting for the morning?

An early breakfast starts to settle me down and the others begin to arrive. Again they all have had nightmares and none of us have got much sleep. Clare is even more vacant than usual.

Charlie and William go for a morning swim to freshen up which I skip given how cold it looks. They both claim it was just brisque but they were not fooling anyone. We have a second breakfast and started to question to the gamekeepers. They are a bit reticent and obviously very embarrassed. At first I thought they had just fallen asleep last night but they refused payment. After some interrogation the two of them claim that they heard some noise around 2pm – it sounded like a large dog moving around. They followed and eventually shot at it but saw nothing. Strangely they managed to get lost in the woods and eventually returned the house instead of the tower. They are hiding something but without standing up and accusing them we cannot work it out.

We go back to the tower ourselves to have a hunt around and discover the dogs we bring with us refuse to enter the area, maybe they know something we don’t. Charles manages to follow the gamekeepers trail and finds the point where they fired their shotguns but we cannot discover anything about what they were following. Ominously when we search the underground rooms we discover the body of a fox, similarly mangled and drained of blood as the rats we found yesterday.

[insert picture] “a dull bit of fluff” a landscape showing the lie land around the tower of the tower.

We have lunch at a local pub and I get an opportunity to phone a couple of friends about stuff. After lunch William comes up with a strange idea that I originally put down to the beer but the more I think about the better it sounds. Well better than Bolshevik poachers. He suspects that an occult person invited to the party (or possible a German / poet) is acting up as a fairy tale vampire, draining the blood of animals in some unholy practice. Whether he is furthering some strange occult aims or is merely mad we cannot determine.

[insert picture] “difficulties with vampires”. An archetypal vampire scuttles across a wall. When would normally be quite horrific is offset by his cloak draping towards the floor, generally getting in the way and covering his head

I suggest laying a trap tonight for whoever it is. Everyone is a little unsettled by the idea but agrees it is the best thing. We pass around some ideas (and brandy), dressing Charles up as a priest or Clare as a damsel but in the end just go for creating a hide and jumping out on the bloke.

While Charles and I are setting up the hide several servants, who are clearing the tower, start to come across sign of a body. William is as careful as he can be and manages to dig up several skeletons, one of which was shot, old coins, bullets (several silver ones), a silver ring and another copy of the five pointed star symbol this time in gold. All the stuff is fairly delicate and we manage not to damage too much of it. We all decide that it would be a good idea to exhibit some of the finds but probably not too close to here, London maybe. This obviously ties in with the tale of the witch-finders attempt to arrest Raoul.

We return to the house for dinner and have a rest before setting out again. Tonight is going to be interesting.
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