lauremer (lauremer) wrote in sceptred_isle,

Journel of Edwin De Coursey, artist (and junior Cthulu Investigator)

Sunday 16th April 1922

I had a really bad nights sleep, more nightmares. I was being chased through the woods not sure by what. I was unable to get back to sleep so commit the image to paper.

[insert picture] “darkness within”, no colours just charcoal greys, a women with long hair in a light shift, is running across the drawing through a darkening wood, behind her the trees are all twisted and dead. There is an impression of someone that she is running from. Ahead a tall tower can be seen deeper into the woods. It only offer transitory safety and is being hit by lightning.

Once I get to breakfast, I start feeling better, everyone turns up eventually (William is especially late) and it appears out that all of us has had similar dreams. We put it down to too much port and cheese last night and overactive imaginations. We get a further couple of hours of hell and damnation in church, which I am sure we deserve. Afterwards we decide to return to the keep and see if we can turn up anything else. Who knows what we can discover for “prosperity”?

Once back at the tower we initially dig around the outside a little and discover that there had been a symbol on the outside of the wall that was dismantled dismantled. It is the same symbol we discovered inside but upside down. This apparently reverses its meaning. Panda seems to know more about this than the rest of us. Four of the points stand for earth, air, fire and watch. The fifth point for spirit. If this point is upward then it is a protection from well evil, else if it is down a signifier of the ascendancy of the physical elements. We search inside again but this time notice several strangely killed dead animals. William suggests poachers or Bolsheviks but neither really makes sense.

We return to the library, I seem to be spending a lot of time here and continue to try and find out more of the history of the area. Me and William are both fairly useless but I do find an interesting book on antiques in various private collections. Panda discovers various tales that describe hauntings around the time of Raoul where people were drained of blood. More is described of his arrest where several yeomen went into the tower, there was a fight and only one got out alive before it all burned down. She also discovers more about traditional vampire’s ala Bram Stoker.

[insert picture] “gentlemen at easy” Charles and William leading back against a book shelf. Both are smoking and in the vapour above their heads you can make out different scenes. Above Charles is a jungle scene and above William are clouds. Again William has a propeller blade over his head.

Dinner is again very well done but people are still not mixing and this is their last night. This probably indicates something quite profound. Afterwards William shows off again to everyone and fly’s off in his plane with Panda. They take a few pictures and land again. As we are not sure what is happening at the tower we decide to send several of William gamekeepers to watch the area tonight.
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